So what does BNWT mean?

Brand New With Tags

BNWT is often used in online shopping listings to denote that the item on sale still has the manufacturer's labels still intact on the item to show that the item is unused and the same as you would buy in a high street store.

A search for bnwt on eBay today (29th August 2010) returns 429,101 items. The main categories are:-

Clothes, Shoes & Accessories (370,915)

Baby (924,701)

Google Trends shows that BNWT is searched fro regularly here in the UK - but either the phrase BNWT was not searched for much prior to late 2009 or it was not being well tracked by Google. The two in early 2008 and mid 2009 suggest buggy data so hard to say when this phrase first appeared from the data currently available.